Yates Leaf Shine 225g Aerosol

For protecting and adding gloss to foliage of indoor plants, dried leaves and flowers.


  • Shines and protects plants foliage.
  • Does not contain CFC’s which damage the ozone layer.
  • Easy to use aerosol formulation – no mixing required and easy to spray on plant foliage.


How It Works

The formulation contains a special petroleum oil which has a high sheen and does not decompose for several weeks.

The oil does not interfere with plant growth.

Directions for use

Clean leaves first with a damp cloth and apply sparingly to the upper side of the foliage.

Spray indoor plants from a distance of at least 15cm.

Shake can well before spraying.


Avoid over application.

Avoid spraying under hot conditions.

Do not apply to plants with tender foliage such as ferns and African violets.


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