Insta-TEST Biguanide / Peroxide Test - For the AquaSpa Products Range

***New & Improved Easy to use Test Kit***

Replaces all previous kits supplied with the Aquaspa Start up Kit - No More Tablets or Drops

25 Tests per Kit


The test strip measures Biguanide (0–80 ppm)

Biguanide Shock (0 to 360 ppm)

Peroxide (0 to 100 ppm)

Alkalinity (0-240 ppm)

pH (6.2-9.0)

Total Hardness (0-800 ppm)

The new formula designed for stable colour development allows adequate time for the user to match very distinct colours along with preventing cross-contamination between pads.

Sale is for 1 x Kit with 25 Strips


SKU 3100