Advance Palms & Plants

The Palm Place Nursery is the palm and tropical plant specialist for the Melbourne and Victorian climate and for over 20 years we have being sourcing, installing, and selling the very best advanced palms and plants.

We long ago realised that when getting advanced plants whether its for a backyard or a neighborhood park the most important factor is securing only the very highest quality plants. We acknowledge the fact that advanced plants and palms come with a large price tag (due to the age of such plants and also the logistics involved) and therefore we place extreme priority on ensuring that we only sell plants that will survive a move and will happily continue to grow in its new home.

When deciding on advanced plants and palm there are options on where you can find such plants however there are important questions to be asked;

  1. Where are the plants sourced from? Are plants from Queensland really suitable for the Melbourne and Victorian climates?
  2. Is the plant health and free of diseases and pests?
  3. How much experience does the harvester and installers have in dealing in advanced palms and plants?

Our specialty is palms and tropical plants. For 20 years our staff have focused on these plants and every week we are selling and sourcing advanced plants and palms. Our experience in palms and tropical plants for the Melbourne climate is therefore unmatched and it is this fact that differentiates us.

At Palm Place we offer a full range of service from sourcing advanced plants, organising harvesting and delivery to site, we also have close relationships with crane company and professional installers to ensure that your plants reach the ground in the best of health and continue to thrive.

We supply to the following customers;

  • Local councils and development projects’
  • Trade and wholesale customers
  • Landscapers and designers
  • Members of the general public