Why should I shop at The Palm Place Nursery?
We are the specialists in palms and tropical plants for the Victorian and Melbourne climate; no other nursery can offer the range and expertise as we can at the prices we can. At Palm Place our promise is; ‘Quality plants at a great price and even better service’. 


What days are you open?
We are open 6 days a week but closed all public holidays throughout the year. Please see out Contact Page for up-to-date opening hours including Winter Hours. 


Are you open to all customers?
Yes we sure are. We supply the best plants and advice to members of the public, trade and landscape customers, event planners and landscape designers, we even supply our great plants to other nurseries. Please note that we are strictly retail on weekends, contact our staff for more details.


What plants and palms do you sell?
We sell well over 250 varieties of palms, tropical plants, and other plants. We hope that all of our stocked items are on our shop pages but new stock arrives daily so it is best to come in store to see the full range. 


Do you buy or remove large palms from yards?
Unfortunately no we do not remove palms from residential properties. We have done so in the past but today it is too expensive and difficult to remove most large plants from urban properties and keep the palm or plant in a healthy condition.


Do you deliver? In Victoria and interstate?
We delivery to all parts of Melbourne metro and have regular runs to parts of country Victoria. For all over areas we happily ship plants and products with a range of trusted freighting companies. Please note the cannot ship plants into Tasmania, Western Australia or South Australia due to quarantine restrictions.


What plants are non-toxic to pets?
We have compiled a couple of lists of which plants are toxic and which are pet friendly – that can be found here – however we always recommend that you take some time to do some of your own research and find a few different sources on the toxicity of plants before buying. 


How do I plant my plants?
We have created a bit of a guide to help you in planting (found here) but we always recommend getting an expert landscaper to do the job for you. Landscapers , being trained professionals, have great knowledge in what to plant, where to plant, and how to plant. Give us a call and we can recommend a few landscapes to give you a hand. Our staff are more than happy to help where we can but we are not qualified landscapers nor can we foresee all the conditions that are unique to your garden.


What type of soil should I use when planting palms?
Most importantly with planting palms or tropical plants is to make sure that there is adequate drainage. Therefore you should use a sandy loam soil type or just a standard garden soil blend. Avoid using any soil that is mixed with fresh compost or manure as the heat generated from the decomposing waste material can and will burn the roots and shock the plant. For more information have a look at our guide for planting.


How much should I water my palm?
Most palms prefer to be keep moist but not wet. This means that every spot and every garden will need to be watered different amounts as some may drain better, some may get more direct sunlight, some may have run off from other areas. The best method is to ensure that you have great drainage and then water often knowing that it will be hard to over-water. Otherwise for the first few months after planting feel the soil around the plant or dig a small hole and check how quickly the ground is drying out. After doing this for a while you will begin to understand how often you need to water. BUT be careful that you adjust for different seasons – plants will need much more water in Summer than Winter. For more information have a look at our guide for planting.


How do I find out how well my garden drains?
The best way to find out is to perform a drainage test. 


Who do you supply to?
Here at the Palm Place Nursery we have a wide range of customers and all our welcome. We have an open retail store that will help you find that perfect plant and a wholesale department that supplies landscapers, designers and architects, other retail and trade nurseries, and anyone else in the industry.  What ever the job we are happy to serve. Are you a wholesale customer? Click here for more information