Tropical Garden Design

Tropical gardens are lush, have lots of colour and shapes, and will transform your backyard into something from a luxury resort.

Designing a tropical garden is easier than you think but we encourage you to come on in and talk to our staff who are more than happy to help you get that tropical garden that you desire.

Where to start?

  1. Consider your garden. Grab a piece of paper and roughly draw outline of your current garden. Draw in where the house sits, any decking, pathways, current garden beds and walls, driveways, or any other objects.
  2. On your drawing take note of where the sun rises and sets, where are areas of shade and full sun, where are neighbours windows overlooking your yard. All these factors are essential to consider in your final design.
  3. Next think about where you will view your garden from. Which windows do you look out? Where are any outdoor sitting areas? Take some time to think about what you see from these spots, ie: neighbouring houses, street lights, nice views, etc. It is important to note what you want to block out and what you want to be able to see.
  4. While in the positions which about whether or not you want these areas shaded or not? Do you want them screened from other areas or from the wind?
  5. Consider the soil and the presence of water – some palms and tropical plants don’t handle some conditions such as heavy clay or soggy soil. When planing you may decide to avoid plants that cannot tolerate such conditions, or you may choose to change the condition of the soil, or put in garden beds. Our staff will help you with this decision.
  6. Lastly, take some photos of your yard from a few different angles
  7. Once you have this information down bring it in to our staff. We are more than happy to take you through out plants and explain what will work for you and your garden. We can help draw out a plan that will fulfil your desires and find plants that suit your budget. We have palms that will look great as features as well as working for great screening.