Can also be used as an inoculant when replanting all vascular plants

Contains 10 Doses.

This microbes mix is used to increase Mycorrhiza bacteria naturally found in the Xanthorrhoea Species (grass trees) root system.

The microbes occur naturally in the wild, therefore the microbes mix is ideal to maintain the natural environmental conditions required to keep your grass tree thriving.

– Improved water uptake
– Improved nutrient uptake
– Improved drought tolerance
– Improved plant health
– Improved soil structure
– Contains live organisms including

mycorrhizal fungi, trichoderma and much more.

Beneficial for all plant types.

Usage directions: dilute 1 teaspoon of microbes mix to 2.5 Litres of clean water & mix well.
Apply this mixture into the soil of the plant.

Do not mix with fungicides/bactericides, toxic chemicals or soil fumigants.

Do not use regular fertiliser until 1 week after application.

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight and below 30c.

Once opened store in fridge for longevity
Once mixed with water use within 2 days.

Gloves and breathing mask should be worn at all times when handling microbial products.
Not for human/animal consumption.


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