Searles Organic Garden Soil 30L

Certified 100% organic, this product is an excellent soil condtioner & general planting mix.


 Promotes plant, flower and vegetable growth.
 Excellent soil conditioner.
 Contains organic manure plus Premium Organic Compost.
 Helps retain soil moisture and nutrients to assist in plant growth.
 pH balanced between 6.0-7.5 units.
 Encourages microbial and earthworm activity.
 Helps break up and aerate heavy clay soils.
 Helps build up deficient sandy soils.
 Adds valuable long life humus to the soil, stimulating greater plant health.
 Brilliant for giving new plants a healthy start, boosting existing plants and top dressing lawns!


Searles Premium Garden Soil is an excellent blend of composted ingredients including premium organic compost, organic animal manures, rich organic mulch and leaf mould, washed river sand and high quality loam. The end product is ready to use in garden beds and landscaping jobs, for building up existing gardens beds, breaking up heavy clay soils or improving sandy, deficient soils and very importantly, adding valuable humus.

Searles Premium Garden Soil has very good moisture holding capacity, making it very suitable for the Australian climate. It also contains a rich source of essential nutrients, trace elements and provides storage of nutrients for strong plant growth and development.

Searles Premium Garden Soil assists plant growth and makes gardening easier and more successful in many ways. It releases nutrients for instant plant growth and also provides a storehouse of available reserve nutrients for prolonged plant health and growth. During its special composting processes, humus and humic colloids are formed, as well as humic acids and humins, which all combine to increase plant health.


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