Searles Platinum Potting Mix® is the apex potting mixture which is professionally designed and formulated using only the highest grade selected ingredients and Searles advanced blending techniques.

Through decades of experience, ingredients are specially treated and formulated to ensure a mixture with excellent water holding capacity, ideal aeration and drainage properties plus essential nutrients and minerals for strong long term healthy growth.

 Contains Searles Flourish® Soluble Plant Food & Robust® Controlled Release Fertilisers.
 Contains Double Strength Penetraide® Re-wetting Granules and water crystals.
- Contains Potash, Fish, Seaweed and Volcanic Rock Minerals
 Contains Zeolite, Trace Elements, minerals and other essential components to enhance growth.
 Suitable for a wide range of indoor plants, ferns, verandah and patio pot plants, potted colour, hanging baskets, shadehouse and greenhouse pot plants.

Brilliant for potted colour producing dazzling results.

Searles Platinum Potting Mix® is a complete potting mixture and fertiliser all in the one bag!


SKU 828001128

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